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Assignment Two – Exercise – Draw classic

The Dying Gaul, Roman copy of a Hellenistic Greek sculpture c200BC Greek Kore wearing Chiton. c500BC, Acropolis Museum Servius Sulpicius Galba, Roman Consul and Emperor 3BC-69AD, bust Trebonianus Gallus, Emperor of Rome 251-253ad – Bronze statue, Metropolitan Museum of Art Analysis of Greek kouros and later Greek statue (describes contrapposto)  

Assignment Two – Reflection

Trajan's Column

DOWNLOADABLE PDF VERSION Demonstrate subject-based knowledge and understanding I found sculpture more challenging to critique than paintings, particularly as it was difficult to find a genuine Greek sculpture (as opposed to a later Roman copy). Is it appropriate to rely on writings and copies to determine what Greek sculpture was like, how much better […]

Assignment Two – Research – Medieval Arc

Assignment Two – Research – Medieval Architecture

Romanesque/gothic St Peter’s, Salford Crown & Kettle pub, Ancoats St Mary’s Church (the Little Gem) St Mary’s Parish Church Newton with Flowery Field John Rylands Library HMP Strangeways Whitworth Hall (University of Manchester) Manchester Town Hall Medieval Chethams School of Music Baguely Hall, Wythenshawe Clayton Hall, Clayton Manchester and surrounding areas blessed with a number […]