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Assignment One – Reflection

Assignment One – Reflection

DOWNLOADABLE VERSION Assignment One – Introduction to Art History – Reflection Demonstrate subject-based knowledge and understanding For the selected works I believe I have identified the salient points according to the criteria identified: Political and social context, Materials and processes etc. It was challenging within the available structure to provide much comparison between the selected […]

Assignment One – Exercises (5) – Non-wes

Artists influenced by non-Western art African art Picasso – Les demoiselles d’Avignon. ‘African (or black) period’. Inspired by African statues at Trocadero museum (or possibly by statue shown to him by Matisse). Angular poses, bold colours, figures have features in style and poses similar to African masks. Matisse – Blue nudes (1952) inspired by his […]

Assignment One – Exercises (4) – Exhibit

Grayson Perry’s new work quoting ‘Johnathan Jones’. Photograph: Courtesy of the artist

Art critics have a range of functions, motivations and influences: They may be engaged by different employers with different drivers: Newspapers, magazines, websites, galleries, exhibition and auction catalogues, academic research/publications. Increasingly, they may also dance to their own tune and review via personal blogs and vlogs, unfettered by outside influences (although they may be looking […]

Assignment One – Exercises (3) – Concept

Assignment One – Exercises (3) – Concept of Style

What is style in art? Individual – what distinguishes a person’s art from someone else’s. May apply to the medium or combination of media used, the means of application of media to the substrate, the nature of the substrate/s, the method of construction (sculpture, installations), innovative use of materials, subject matter, image composition, influences. Collective […]

Assignment One – Exercises (1) – Politic

Assignment One – Exercises (1) – Political, social and economic factors influencing practitioners in west

Modern artists influenced (inspired?) by political events: Art has historically been a source of expression, highlighting social iniquities, challenging politics, being outspoken about the world (Hogarth’s ‘An election entertainment’ 1755), . However, there has always been a large body of ‘gentle’ art, art simply for beauty, admiration or commissioned art for personal vanity (Constable, Rembrandt, […]