I have watched many interviews with, and programmes by, Grayson Perry. His interviews are candid, challenging, often controversial. He often discusses in particular, the concepts of art and art vs craft in a uniquely honest, open way.

With a complex series of works such as the Vanity of Small Differences it is extremely helpful to hear the artist talk about the works as the nuances in such large, complex pieces can be easily missed in the somewhat sensory overload of a large exhibition. Hearing the artist’s take on their own work is also more personal and engaging than that of an art critic/reviewer (compare the first three videos with the final video). Whilst it is interesting to have a ‘guide’ take you on a virtual tour of an exhibition it is difficult to equate that with the artist’s own words and inspirations. It would be interesting to hear what some of our great artists would have said of their works if they were alive today (or we had recordings or even transcripts of interviews with them).