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Assignment Three – Research – Chapter Th

30 years war. Spain in decline. Dutch republic rises to power. Decline of Holy Roman Empire. More tolerance. Rule increasingly parliamentary/republican/autocratic. Papacy recovering from Protestant Reformation – Rome once again artistic centre as was France. (pp 567-8) New beginnings in Rome N Italy, Carracci (idealism) and Caravaggio (naturalism). Contrasting directly with 16th c art theory, […]

Assignment Three – Research – Chapter El

Assignment Three – Research – Chapter Eleven – 16th Century in Europe

Era of the artists, Italian except Durer. Leonardo embodied Alberti’s idea of ‘universal man’. Protestant reformation; upheaval in Christian thinking. Brethren of the Common Life (Netherlands, E Germany); ascetic group but not monastic, text ‘Imitation of  Christ’ widely followed. Led to Counter-reformation of Roman church. Lutheran thought right and wrong determined by individual. Move away […]