Based on the outcomes for the course, I have summarised my thoughts on my progress with this assigment below:

Demonstrate subject-based knowledge and understanding 

For the selected works I believe I have identified the salient points according to the criteria identified: Political and social context, Materials and processes etc.

It was challenging within the available structure to provide much comparison between the selected works or indeed to contextualise the work as part of the artists’ body of work as a whole. This was something I was conscious of but will perhaps be able to explore in future assignments. It will also be referenced in my wider preparatory notes.

Demonstration of research skills

For this assignment I had limited access to physical art so necessarily relied on virtual galleries, on demand tutorials and programmes, books, magazine exhibition reviews gallery catalogues and online resources. Clearly physical evaluation will enhance my output and is something I have planned. I will update the learning log with my experience as appropriate.

Notwithstanding the limitations I feel I covered a broad range of sources and accessed a good selection of credible opinions and analyses. Where possible, references and sources have been identified and listed.

Demonstration of critical and evaluation skills

In this area I am unsure to what extent I should be expressing my personal views and feelings about the works. I have therefore put some of my own ‘personality’ and responses into my work, however, it may appropriate to increase this element.


I feel that I have evaluated the pieces in a logical and readable manner, referenced appropriately. The word count necessarily required some abbreviation but I hope this doesn’t lose the essence of what I was trying to convey.

I may need to find an alternative means of putting down the annotations. I used word but I’m not sure this is well-adapted to the annotation format. I’ll be keen to hear the tutor’s feedback on this aspect of the criteria.

As most of the work was seen remotely, I haven’t done any sketching as yet. This will be included with visits to galleries etc. as far as possible.