Assignment Three – Renaissance to Rococo – Reflection

During the course of my reading and through watching documentaries either on Sky Arts, BBC Arts or via online resource sites, I have taken my understanding of the key figures and features of the period beyond the set text. Being able to view paintings, buildings and sculptures ‘virtually’ has been particularly helpful in expanding my knowledge and I believe I have put this to good use in my work.

Demonstration of research skills

In addition to using the set text, I found that by looking outside the standard texts and reading, for example, exhibition reviews, articles and academic work, I believe I gained a rounded understanding of the period from a range of perspectives; the pure academic, the professional art critic and the art enthusiast/audience.

Demonstration of critical and evaluation skills

I spent quite some time researching suitable subjects to evaluate and I believe I selected a range of good, contrasting pieces as a result. The 500-word analysis required quite in-depth research as on first examination the subjects and techniques appeared quite similar. It was therefore important to read around the subject thoroughly to ensure that I had a clear understanding of the key features of the genres and periods being discussed.


 In light of the tutor feedback I have included images to illustrate the 500-word analysis. I do feel that this helped me to support my observations and conclusions in a more relevant, focused way that I hope will be easier to follow.